Monday, October 17, 2005


Went to see MirrorMask with Jenny and Tina tonight! I think they liked it. It's interesting - I enjoyed it while watching it, but the depth of what I consider it's coolness crept up on me slowly and didn't really fully hit until halfway home.
I told Sonny I'd put it close to Delicatessin and City of Lost Children for a really cool, totally weird movie. Not quite to their level, but they're at the top of the heap, so close isn't all that bad.

Very very very whacked. In a whoa, you could spend hours soaking it in sort of way.

Sonny says he saw MirrorMask toys today (most likely at Newbury Comics) - may have to check that out.

I recommend it for those who appreciate weird, cultish (I think it will achieve the goal Henson studios was seeking), definitely not your run of the mill view of things.
Yeah, that was pretty cool flick....

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sonny said...

hey aprille, i thought of two movies i want to see,
1) good night and good luck
2)the weather man