Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Goodbye to the bestest buddy ever

Molson died tonight.
He was 8 years old - in prime health.
J said he was having teddy time (he would grab his stuffed teddy and knead at it - a very happy thing for Molson)and went into a sort of fit.
J tried to save him.

I was at the gym.

I'll miss how he'd come lie in my arms in the small hours of the morning, full of purrs and hugs.
I'll miss hugging him - he was sooo cuddly.
The way he'd talk to us.
How he'd find me when I was sad.
How he'd get so excited about chasing the ball - although he wouldn't really chase it, just run back and forth.
Playing tag in the basement.
Our time in the yard.
How he'd follow me around, to be in the same room as me, hanging out.
I'll miss you tons, buddy. I'll see you again, of that I'm sure. In the meantime, have all the catnip you want, all the shrimp you can eat, and see to it that someone rubs those ears.
Your Mama and Daddy will always love you.
J says goodbye and that his heart lies next to you.

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Teresa said...

I'm so sorry Aprille. The way he passed sounds similiar to how our Connor died. My thoughts are with you and Joel.