Friday, July 01, 2005

Friends come home, big fish rule

Just received the marvellous news that my best friend from college has purchased a house in VA (was in Japan for several years), is moving back, is having a girl(bambino #2), and is being released from military service (critical care nurse)!!!:)
I liked the idea of having friends in scattered places, should I get the chance to visit those places it's nice to have connections there, but my relief at Kat coming home, and now Lisa - it's nice to have them on the same continent. Most excellent, in fact. I'll need to plan a trip to VA...

On a totally different note, fishermen in Thailand recently caught a 646 pound freshwater catfish!

Imagine that river! Wow.
Reminded me of Megamouth, a filter-feeding shark that tends towards very deep waters and so has bioluminescence in his mouth - only 20 odd examples have been found.
Which then reminded me of whale sharks and basking sharks - much less rare, but awesome beasts (the two largest fish in the world).
Unfortunately the Japanese have killed these beasts, claiming it was self defense - but again, they are filter feeders and wouldn't hurt people.

If I was any good at science, I'd be a marine biologist - geez, I think I've said that several times - just recently when talking about the lion rescuers in Ethiopia.

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