Monday, July 18, 2005

Blogging from Providence...

Hey! Visiting Sonny for just a bit at the tail end of a work trip. Mostly just hanging out, but that's cool. Especially after a weekend of work. It's so hot and sticky, though - it has yet to rain here. DK if that would even bring any relief.
The traveling books this trip, briefly: The Two Towers by Tolkien (reread), A Holiday for Murder by Agatha Christie, Coraline by Neil Gaiman, and Mythago Wood by Robert Holdstock (reread). I brought several because the ones after Tolkien are short and because we drove out and I didn't know if that would mean I'd be reading for 6 hours or more straight. So far, I'm 2/3 through the Tolkien. Good stuff.
That's the most exciting stuff to date. Sonny is giving a lecture at RISD today. I'm headed back home.

Had what I call a "packing dream" last night, with a twist. Usually these dreams are stressful and leave me more exhausted o waking than I was ere falling asleep. They usually deal with some scenario at my house where either just me or both of us need to leave by the next day and we need to make sure we get all of our stuff. Kinda' a mix of a catalouging of possessions and where they are and organizing it all quickly for fastest transport. I think it's part of my slightly compulsive side.
Anyway, last night was a bit different in that it wasn't our house. In the dream it was, but it was also like we were seeing it for the first time. So in addition to finding and organizing all that was there, there was the odd side story of exploring, well, what was there.
At least I didn't have nightmares that would make me scream aloud and wake Sonny and Owen.

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