Monday, July 11, 2005

More reading, cutting wood

Book #18: Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris. Uproariously funny? Not really. Amusing, I guess. Sonny said it might be better if I listened to some of Sedaris' radio broadcasts. I'll check them out and see. Something about this book brought out PC-ish sensitivity in me that was a bit surprising. The chapter on pet euthanasia bothered me. As did his description of his sister's role-playing, which to me seemed more like someone looking for help. I think I was over-analyzing it, actually I'm pretty sure I was. Maybe that's part of why it was just kinda' there for me.

Book #19: The Women's Migraine Survival Guide by Christina Peterson, M.D. - I've finally gotten around to researching migraine myself before thinking about getting a referral to a neurologist. This book was good, a great women's perspective (and it is something needed for this illness), and it started me thinking about some warning signs and prevention steps. All great. What I didn't like is the heavy reliance there seemed to be on drugs for prevention. She did deal with alternatives a bit, and more than my PCPs have, but the vast majority of her patient examples are people on one maintenance drug, often more. I want to avoid a life like that as much as possible. Now, I'm not in the Cruise extreme group here, I just think that if there are proven natural methods that work just as well, then why the hell not? Finally, I'm actually a bit relieved because, as bad as my migraines seem and they're pretty bad, I think, I'm nowhere near a lot of the patients cited here - some of whom have 3-4 days lost to migraines EACH week. It helps to have perspective.

Started cutting the wood for the pantry. Helping J as he used his circular and table saws was a slight bit freaky, being just days after hearing about our poor Uncle's horrible run-in. Get-well Uncle Al and I'll keep a bit away (far as I can) while J cuts the wood, Thank You.

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ljc said...

Aw, I thought the bathroom at his friends house chapter of "Me Talk Pretty" was hilarious! I read it out loud to Aaron and we were crying.