Sunday, June 12, 2005

Theophilus CD release party

Last night, Theophilus feted the release of their first full CD. A lot of effort went into this and it paid off. The party did a great job of showcasing their talent - and the kids enjoyed it, even if they did get a bit goofy. Excellent job, guys!
Next up for Theophilus, the final round of competition for a slot in the Kingdom Bound festival - held at Darien Lake later this summer. Cool stuff!

Book #13 - Bouzi by Jennifer Robin - Liked the flow of the text and the driving concept - the life of those who choose to "live in their heads" - to spend time contemplating life and experiencing it - and refusing to go where society would have them led. Seemed light, tho', and like it could have been explored so much further.
My voice was wearing a trenchcoat, holding a skull, pacing through fog with barbells.
The sytle, with its avoidance of any standard metaphor or simile, ties nicely with the theme. Unlike Kerouac, though, it doesn't carry me away.

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