Thursday, June 09, 2005

Book #12 - Wicked

Wicked by Gregory Maguire - I liked the character of Elphaba - she wasn't evil, she set out to right the wrongs of politics and society - to recover from the loss of a love. Her sister earned the "Wicked" title by causing harm to support her political religious aims, but Elphaba was simply dubbed "wicked" because people didn't want to face the questions she posed about how they conducted their lives. An excellent book - entertaining with great character development.

(Books #13 and 14 upcoming)

Train to Providence - Something about the rock & rhythm of the movements of a jerky train (should you be so lucky as to actually have it MOVE as intended) brings us closer as a couple - binds us.

Sonny's show was incredible. And a good time. I loved hearing people talk about his work. Should you be in the Woonsocket area, the Blackstone River Gallery is in the same building as a furniture store on Main St (right by the river) and the show is up until July 16...

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