Monday, June 20, 2005

Father's Day and movies

Had a good Father's Day - got Dad a Kodak Picture Viewer like this... I'm pretty sure he really liked it... Got to spend some quality campfire time and have some good steak, too.

Sonny and I have both seen Revenge of the Sith. Most excellent! I really felt totally immersed in the Star Wars realm - even if J was trying to distract me. An epoch like the first 2, for sure.

Also saw a trailer for The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. WAAAAYYYY cool - I haven't been in this realm for many years, but I remember longing for a version that was better than the dorky cartoon we used to watch at the babysitter's - much in the same way I wanted a good version of The Hobbit or other Tolkien tales.

I have 2 books to blog about, but my notes are downstairs and I'm being a bum tonight. Mayhaps tomorrow.... Oh, I did hear someone talking about the musical version of Wicked, saying that Elphaba "wasn't wicked at first, just made some bad choices..." I had to restrain myself from screaming "NOOOOO!!!!! You totally missed the point!" (This was in a church, so that would have been bad)

J says hi, btw.
More tomorrow.

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