Friday, June 24, 2005

And the mighty lion roars

In what i think is one of those truly awesome news-stories - the ones I cheer for as much as sports fanatics do news of a great new player on the team or of a critical victory - 3 lions free a young girl in Ethiopia - According to some reports, as many as 70% of Ethiopian marriages are the result of a kidnapping - when men steal young girls and brutalize them until they agree to the proposal. As this fate was rolling out for one young girl, these lions rolled up on the scene, scared off the kidnappers, and guarded the girl until authorities arrived.

Most excellent!!! Lions are so incredibly awesome!
When I first posted about Mireya Mayor, I was inspired about what she's done in what could be for me my "alternate reality career". These lions and Tina's frolicking dolphins make me want to get geared up and head out into the wilderness to study these amazing creatures.

Instead, I sit here rehashing data and having my writing style subject to constant revision requests by someone who just can't absorb the whole story on the page for all the criticism that's done of each sentence..... A bit harsher than I like to be here, but the jungle's looking pretty sweet right now.

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