Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Stairway to nowhere

Sonny took me to a building in Providence. Inside the door, you ascend a few steps to a landing, from which the stairway curves off to the left and right. Only the left stair goes anywhere - the right runs smack dab into the floor of the 2nd story landing. I found this highly curious and it keeps coming back to me since. I wonder if you closed your eyes, took a deep breath and ran up it - would you end up with a concussion and possibly more from tumbling back down after impact or could you possibly bust the illusion and end up...somewhere else? That would be soooooooo cool.

So, the trip to Providence! I had a great time. Sonny was still fighting a cold so we weren't in a frenzy of activity, but we still did quite a bit and I enjoy hanging out with Sonny anyway. Hanging with him, you're almost forced to drop some of the limitations you put on yourself in everyday life - to exist at a more spontaneous level. I actually found myself a little lost when I got home because of that.

We went to two art shows: the one at the Gallery Agniel where Sonny has a piece, and Catherine Hamilton's show at the Providence Art Club. Very cool - both.

Lunch on Thursday at Cuban Revolution - where I had a mango-strawberry milkshake, a cheese empanada, and black beans & rice. Diet schmiet, I was visiting my brother! Yum and fun atmoshpere. Dinner at an Italian joint, Sicilia's - good stuffed pizza and garlic bread.

Thursday night we went to see M Ward. Good show, but a bit mellow for me being so tired. I have to admit I almost dozed a couple of times.

Oh, yeah and we saw Sin City Thursday, too! Quite the movie, and Sonny and I had the theatre to ourselves for it! Not that we wanted to talk much, but it was almost like having a really awesome living room.... Liked the movie, probably would have understood it a bit more if I had read the comics. Definitely wanted to know more about the stories and characters.
With Sin City was a preview for The Skeleton Key - the movie J and I saw filming in New Orleans - it's due out this summer - a ghost/voodoo bayou movie that looks pretty cool....

Friday, we had brunch at Julian's - really good French toast with real maple syrup...
Did some antiquing, visited with Will, hung out and made CDs.

Good trip - as always wish it was longer, but we'll do it again soon...

Oh, and Book #10 was Catcher in the Rye - hadn't read this since high school. Now, it doesn't seem all that outrageous to me, even if he was only 16. Not great stuff for a 16 year old to do, but not really shocking. I'm tending to think about it more from the perspective of why he was so depressed, what might make him happy, if he had that, what would his approach to things be. Has me thinking, that's a good thing.

Gotta run.

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