Tuesday, April 19, 2005

feelin better

so i guess that if you stay upp late every night for over two weeks to get work done (by late i mean 2 or 3am) and get up at 7, then you get sick. like i did last week, which was my first week "off". it lasted all week which im sure was no fun for aprille when she was here. we still did a bunch of stuff (sin city, m. ward, goin out to eat, couple a art shows). then i worked a bunch this weekend and went on a long bike ride in nice weather and now i am well(er) and working on pieces for my show coming up in june.
thats all.

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Aprille said...

I got knocked out yesterday and took the afternoon off to sleep. We'll see how today goes (Thursday) - seems to be starting a little bit better anyway. Glad you're over it - now the fun can begin!