Monday, July 31, 2006

Latest and then backwards

I'm going to start with now/ this past weekend. Then later today, as I get a chance, I'll catch up on the rest of busy July.

Book #11 - FINALLY! Life of Pi by Yann Martel. Man oh Man. It's amazing that a story, which has all the elements of something really compelling - young kid, family drowns, on a lifeboat for 7 months with a tiger, survives - can succeed at inciting no interest. I never really cared. And I'm a super-sap that often gets emotionally wrapped up in books. Maybe that's it. There's little to no emotion. He spends more time talking about how the solar stills work to distill seawater into drinking water than talking about how he feels. It's supposed to be a religious book, but he talks about how he turned to God in his despair in one measely (sp?) sentence. I actually enjoyed the Japanese shipping guys more than most of the book. Disappointing.

To wrap up the weekend -
Mom's bday! We celebrated at Dan and Tara's - they insisted on cooking so Mom could actually relax and I think they did an awesome job. Fun with family, as always...

Invitation home stretch - I THINK the invitations are set and just need to be printed and cut. J wants one more review tonight. Then RSVPs and putting it all together. Still some more maps and hotel slips to cut up, some more envelopes to fold - but I think it's coming together - very fun and expect pics once people have a chance to get them in the mail.

Serious gown crunch time - I don't want to look just OK - I want to be super kick-butt! So, I'm going into 2 weeks of intense slimming down on food (mostly slimmer lunches or slimmer dinners if lunch is bigger - and only healthy snacking) and workouts. After that, I can probably return eating to almost normal and workouts to maintenance mode. Here's hoping anyway. The first alteration appointment is 8/17 - it's supposed to be just the hem. Here's hoping.

And, in the midst of all the wedding and summer craziness - musical chairs has returned. Where will I be when the music stops on 8/29?

More soon.

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