Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Good friends make me smile

Sunday was the shower!
Some of you may be coming from Jenny's site - I'm hurriedly trying to get something in here to catch up with her. She has some pics on her site and I will post more, I'm just not quite there yet....

Anyway - J and I had a blast!!! Paula was the master orchestrate-tress - Aunt Faye did invites, Aunt Judy did centerpieces, Kat did games - all went very well. Paula's girls - Abby (4 that day) and Lil - and Christy's daughter Kate were great helpers and kept me on my toes getting stuff unwrapped. One total surprise was the mastodon (well, mammoth in disguise) cake - what an excellent and cool way to fit it all in with our theme (once again, that's "Fall Harvest Meets the Mastodon")! The mastodons now hold a place of honor on our mantle, near the Peep, the lucky rope dragon, and the 3D puzzle dino.

It was awesome to have J there. The whole shebang has just as much to do with him - it's us from here on out! And he'll be by my side for a real long time! I like that. A LOT. He was a source of many smiles on my part that day.

Aunt Judy gave us a basket of candles with a poem about when to light which ones and we got pretty sappy for a mo'. And Mom's gift of Booty Food had J very intrigued! :) Many marvellous gifts - the pics will show more because J's sister Susie took plenty of gift wrapping for us.

Best of all, my great friends. J finally got to meet Kat in person! I really enjoy being with these people. I know they're all there for us and will stand up should we need them. What else can you need? When you smile at the thought of a bit of time spent with someone, then think of a room full of those someones - you know you are truly blessed.

I got into reading GettingHitched this spring. In her posts about the big day(s), she frequently mentions the intoxication and awesome power of being surrounded for this joyous occasion by those you love. I can so relate! And think - if the shower made me smile THIS much, how giddy will I be come October??! Posted by Picasa

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