Thursday, August 03, 2006

A visit to the Devil's Bathtub

J's parents came up in mid-July. The visit started with the customary evening at the Old Toad - a favorite with J's family. The next morning we went early to the Public Market. I love the mix of cultures, lifestyles, and personalities that you always see there. We had Mexican pastries, breakfast tacos, Java's coffee, and Italian cheese before we even really started shopping.

Devil's Bathtub spilling over its edges

That afternoon, we went to Mendon Ponds. It was a hot day (nothing like the last few, but pretty hot) and it was nice and cool in the woods. Heavy rains that morning and earlier in the week meant that the Bathtub was creeping onto the path in spots. Neat to see how the little minnows, fishies, or whatever they were treated those shallows like they were always there.

Book #12 - Life in a Medieval Castle by Joseph and Frances Gies. Interesting. J and I read and really enjoyed Life in the Year 1000, but this seemed a bit more scattered - too many facts to spew to make it feel, well, like you were getting close to the lifestyle and all. Maybe if they hadn't tried to cover every castle. They started out with a focus on Chepstow Castle, but drifted away from it a bit too often. Interesting all the same.

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