Wednesday, May 17, 2006

When advice pays off

I went equipped with several dress ideas from magazines and the web - all dresses I knew David's had. We started with the top 2.

Talk about layers!

Talk about marshmallow! I felt like I was prepping to become Mrs StayPuff - ever so similar to the ooey-gooey-ness of her hubby!
What could I have been thinking!

Here's the pic of the worst offender. I had liked it because of the lacy jacket that gave my twiddly fingers something to play with besides flowers and ring and might keep my Italian roots from emerging (during vows)in the hand gestures that so often accompany my conversations...

The attendant, though massively swamped with prom and wedding shoppers for the sale o' the month, suggested something totally different. A different cut, a different color - than most on my list. I fell in love! Mom cried, Paula cried (I think), I cried. So perfect!

I can't wait until J sees me in it as I come up the aisle!!!

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