Friday, May 12, 2006

Fall Harvest meets the Mastodon

That's our theme! Since we're having the reception at our local science museum - drinks underneath the life-sized mastodon this seemed perfect and is allowing us to have some great fun - not many will have pictures with Manny Murray for their wedding day!:)

Our goal is to have this day be incredible - for us, especially, but also for our guests. One of the last things we wanted was for them to be bored or to think back years from now and not be able to remember if that was our wedding or Cousin Rhonda's. I am sticking to very few "conventions" and it's a blast!

Could it have been less traditional? Yes. I've seen those Flickr photos of people carrying fake tommyguns or in zombie makeup. I do have SOME girly girl in me! But I think it will leave a positive mark. J has had to rein me in at times, at least music-wise, that I might not be setting the proper tone for the moment, but we've worked it out...

People can wander off and play with museum toys if they get bored. Stationary, music, and ceremony should all be pretty unique. I'm excited!

Oh, and I REFUSE to be stressed! No way will I get down about OUR day. When potential stressors come up, I make the decision to take an alternate, no stress route. Here's to actually having a blast... Slante!

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