Thursday, May 04, 2006

In passing...

A small block house on a nice but busy street. Close to the expressway ramp and an apartment complex, but in a fairly affluent suburban neighborhood. Up for sale by the big local realty, the sign out front says at the top "Surprise Inside".

I should have snapped a picture but thought of it too late and the street is one way right now due to construction.

I can see why they might say that.
It made ME think of the house as a Cracker Jack box. "Surprise Toy Inside!"


Imagine a party .....
An upper class affair. Maybe it follows an evening at the opera, a la
Match Point. A party from the society page of the New York Times. Held in a room built just for the occasion - complete with crown molding, fireplace, wainscotting, etc. And the main attraction? The key refreshment? That very room!
Imagine the upper crust of society lapping away at the very walls that surround them. A bit surreal. An excellent literary metaphor. A very weird evening, to be sure.

I'm drooling at the thought, though.

Here's the actual site - I think the dress in the upper right looks like chocolate too - now that would get a bit strange...

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