Friday, January 06, 2006


Have been a bit distracted the past week. Had a lot of people to call and email, a lot of fact finding to do. You see,

J and I are engaged!!!!!

This is very huge and very exciting and I'm still quite giggly about it while talking/ writing the tale...

I'm so happy, we're so happy. This is going to be the start of an incredible new chapter.
So, how'd it happen? We were out to eat at a nice restaurant, courtesy of gift certificates from J's Aunt Lisa. After the meal, we were chatting and trying to figure out if we should have dessert (my vote=yes, I like to end on a sweet note, J's vote=no, don't want to be too full), when he took my hand, stood me up, came to my side and went down on one knee. Total shock. I get shivers even writing about it. This was followed by applause and a lady at the next table hugging us repeatedly.

We're planning on early October, so I'm scrambling to secure a place, which means pricing a lot of options. I'd like simple yet elegant, but unique at the same time. I think we can get there. This weekend we start visiting sites and I hope to have it nailed in the next week.
I've created a website for the wedding, but that's mostly for guests, so I'll just be sure to get the cool stuff, milestones, creative moments that make me especially proud in here.
:) :)

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