Monday, January 23, 2006

Catching up (1)

Seems like I'm always catching up...
Wedding things are starting to fall into place - I now have a date, a time, a place, a dress on order, a photographer, Mom's dress, a MoH and her dress - pretty decent progress and getting closer to teh fun, creative stuff, that I'm hoping I can get Jenny's help on!

Read a lot this past week - finished a few I was close on and read a bunch while in Boston last week for work. Here's a start:

Book #1 2006 - Bellows Falls by Archer Mayor. I'm not all that fond of crime/mystery novels in general. This was in my pile because it has many strong depictions of life in VT, J's home state. What bothered me about the style was that one moment he tried to use a ton of police jargon (BOL for "be on lookout" was a favorite), but the next he has cops doing things they never would, like using verbose, complex sentences on the radio during a chase.

Another post later today with more books and little things. Then Boston pics, dinner with Sonny and Pam, weird wedding pressures, etc. later this week....

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