Monday, February 28, 2005

the woke up got dressed blog

so i was supposed to meet jim frain today at 9am for bowling in east providence, i woke up at 8 and was flipping channels for a few minutes when the phone rang and it was gym at the alley wondering where i was and i looked back at the clock and yup, it was 9 and i then remembered that the alarm was set for for 6:26 (my weekday rise) and when then it had gone off for the second time (6:31) i flipped it off and went back to sleep feeling bad for flipping off my clock and hoping it wasn't mad. but i was late for bowling so i guess it was. but bowling was canceled anyway due to leagues so jim and i went to rue d'lespoir (or whatever) for breakfast (a french place on the eastside). it was good and after i went to the gym and did my usual walk 1/2, run 2, walk 1/2, run 1, walk 1/2. then to the studio to draw until 4:15, then to apsara to get some nim chow and go to work. valleted till 11:30 then went and rented dodgeball and bought some oatmeal for tomorrow. i have this week off from richmond st. parking lot so that i can finish the three stooges drawing.

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sonny said...

the first time i wrote gym in this should have actually been the second time i wrote jim