Thursday, February 17, 2005

Theophilus wins!!!... and other miscellany

Battle of the Bands round 2 goes resoundingly to Theophilus - what a great show! MP3's of the gig are supposed to go up on the the band's site soon. "Rollercoaster" features the incredible Dan Roelle solo - check it out!
I'll let everyone know when the next round is slated.
In the meantime, a gig from 10-11, a pint of Guiness for supper, and a bit of dancing thrown in = a very garbled 9am presentation for Aprille today... ah, well - how could I miss it?

And now, for my brothers - some gross stuff - don't read this while eating...
Reading The Prospect Before Her, I have become ever more grateful I live in the here and now - with showers, smelly body wash, laundry, and even germophobes...
In the period studied, there were points when people believed that bodily fluids protected one from disease - and so bathing was deemed unhealthy - a simple sponge dab was more common. Some passages that grabbed me:
Consider the record of Louis XIII, born on 27 September 1601. His encounters with water or any cleansing process were as follows:
11 November 1601 - his head rubbed for the first time
17 November 1601 - scalp and forehead rubbed with butter & almond oil, cradle cap extensive
4 July 1602 - head combed for the first time
3 October 1606 - (he was 5 yrs old) his legs were washed for the first time in tepid water
2 August 1608 - (he was almost 7 yrs old) bathed for the first time...
...and he was a King! ewwwwwwwwwwwww!
Worms were another frequent problem. The gut on one 18th century French farmer, when dissected on his death, was found to contain no less than 39 dfferent varieties.

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