Monday, February 28, 2005


Maybe it's this quirk I have that makes anything related to Clint Eastwood turn my stomach, but I really think Scorsese got jipped. Aviator was exceptional. I haven't seen Million Dollar Baby yet and I'm sure it's a great film, but I just find it very hard to swallow that that achieved more in terms of a movie accomplishing something than Aviator did....

DK if I like the whole brunette thing. I'd prefer people to go natural or funky, but not try to co-opt another natural color for their own - can't exactly tell what's natural for some of these chics, though, so I'm not sure how annoyed I am on that.

Maybe if I could enjoy snow days in the same fashion as my school teacher friends I wouldn't be so annoyed. Maybe I just need a cookie.... mmmm - Finding Neverland Peter Pan Peanut Butter cookies help all troubles...

- then again, rereading this, I think I just need more sleep.

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sonny said...

best director should only have been decided between these three
1) david o. russell (i heart huckabees)
2) wes anderson (the life aquatic with steve zissou)
3) richard kelly (donnie darko)

anything else is unacceptable