Tuesday, December 21, 2004


I haven't gone through this myself yet, but I do have friends whose daughter would not enter a restaurant when small when she found out Santa was in there. Stories abound of the fear of the jolly fellow and this site has created a place to gather pics of the event. I love the ones where the kids are attempting to run away, and also the ones where the eyes get big and the body is stiff with fear. Our society can be so brutal!

The other site I wanted to share today is the site of Simon Faithfull, a British artist travelling to Antarctica with the British Polar Survey. He has a blog where he posts diary entries, current location, and a picture a day. These pics are actually drawings he has done on his Palm. Very interesting - modern technology allowing him to share regularly what he sees, but in a form, that for me at least, harks back to olden day depictions - stark, simple. Compelling.

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