Monday, October 04, 2004

Policies, procedures, and picks

The whole house thing is a rather big pain. Especially when some people really don't do the work they should. Some people have been a great help, others (more of them) are super frustrating. Kudos will go out once we close the deal.

Still, it is so annoying to get "the tone" that I'm stepping outside my bounds as a buyer when I try to follow-up on details and make sure things are being done, because I have experienced breakdowns in the area. People that are getting paid by this transaction should instead try to make this as painless and speedy as possible and might want to consider that at some point I'll need similar services again. Snooty and very, very frustrating.

Anyway, I haven't had much else going on lately, Danny is still a slacker, and Sonny is too busy (although he promises to post soon), so there hasn't been much to read here of late.
If any readers remain, what (within reason) might you want to know more about or to see a picture of? Votes will be filtered, of course, by what I deem appropriate and tallied (if we get that many).

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