Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Google in the news, plus warm fuzzies

Google has been doing some killer PR of late. The two stories that jumped out at me (there may be more)showcase Google as the evil-defeating instrument of justice, in a sense:
Google IDs 1993 hit-and-run victim
Google 'saved' Australian hostage
Now, I'm not a Google-pusher (that reminds me I have to get my Dan Blakesly Halloween CD back - sugar-pusher!). Nor am I writing this because of the ties between this great blog tool and Google. If it were Ford, Citibank, or American Airlines with similar cool headlines right in a row, I'd be talking about them....

In other news, J and I went to a baptism and after-party Sunday. It was really great. Heartwarming, down-home, good people type stuff. Brings a smile.:)

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