Monday, October 11, 2004

Apples, roofs, and boxes

I finally got to go apple picking with Mom this weekend! I would think this late in the season and, with our chilly weather, not a very popular activity - but The Apple Farm was packed! I got 3 very full bags of apples and hope to start with pies and applesauce soon. Yum! I think I dreamt last night of making mini-pies. :)

I also have been trying to pull the best recipes out of our old Bon Appetit's to cut down on the bulk we need to move and have found several other good-looking apple applications....

There's a whole hullabaloo going on about the garage roof on the house. Just so hard to figure out how it's going to get done. Too many layers of people to consult before you can even head in a direction and then you find out that it's a dead end anyway and have to start all over again. Ick.

Our first floor is a sea of boxes. I have a strange new walk, because I'm constantly having to twist and bend around them. And I have a bunch of bruises on hips and knees. Ah the joy of moving! Poor Molson - our cat - I think he's afraid we'll leave him behind....

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