Tuesday, October 05, 2004

It'll stick that way!

It just struck me...

reading an article in Archaeology magazine on Mikhail Gerasimov, the man who pioneered the scientific art of facial reconstruction from bones - you know the whole thing with the skin depth markers then layering on the clay and all.

One key aspect of his work was including a "typical" expression for the individual he was working on. This was determined because:
Heavily used muscles - for example, muscles used to make a frown - leave permanent ridges in facial bones and give clues as to what expression the person might have most often worn.
Wow - so, in a sense, Mom was right when she warned against making the ugly face - it could be the final way you're portrayed in history!


Anonymous said...

Mothers are always right about everything.

ljc said...

this is why I try not to move my face at all. heh heh.