Sunday, September 26, 2004

Whirlwind adventures!

So, I took the commuter to Providence. Nice ride and only $6, not bad.
Sonny met me at the station and we had a great time!

Went to Julian's for dinner with Sonny's friend Jim. Yummy food - I had chicken with walnut-rum-coconut sauce - and great service! ;) Thanks, Mary!

Then to Rock'n'Bowl, with Jim and Will. I rarely bowl, but it's a family passtime and I do enjoy it when I actually go. But bowling for 3 hours (4 games) made my right bicep sore...Still we won a pizza and had a good time, even with the, well, unusual bowling styles of those around us.

Saturday I hung out with Sonny at work for a bit, scoped out the mall and Newbury Comics. Picked up Modest Mouse for me, Bjork for J, and Flogging Molly for Sonny.
Then to Lois's second birthday party. Her father, Geoff, is the other half of The Sentimental Favorites (Sonny is one half). Good food. Fun baby watching. Good time in the sun.
Looking forward to hearing more from the band!

Fun trip, a bit of a blur, but hopefully we can work similar things out more often and hang out more.

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