Thursday, September 02, 2004

Good idea...

Since Sonny is off on a whirlwind trip to Baltimore, thought now would be a good time to mention That Book Thing.

A friend of Sonny's could not bear to see books tossed and always picked them up until, after his van was full of discarded tomes, he realized that many schools in Baltimore cannot afford libraries. He started That Book Thing to provide free books to schools and people that want them. Makes so much sense!

There are ways to help him out other than giving books, of course. Personally, I keep a box going of books I realize I don't want and when it gets full I give it to Sonny to deliver - if anyone wants to add to the pile, let me know!

I've thought about starting something similar here and have seen headlines related to other such ventures (but haven't gotten to reading the articles yet) - at some point maybe I will....

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