Sunday, September 05, 2004

Happy birthday and The Complex

Happy Birthday Sonny!!!

I'm hooked on this new show The Complex. When I'm at Mom's it's very easy for me to get drawn into Trading Spaces - for the ideas mostly. And when they had the Home Free series, Mom taped them so I could keep up.

The Complex adds a few more dimensions - the rooms they're fixing up need it, they're basically trashed. And there are no designers to chime in.

Of course it's Fox and they've recruited contestants with really contrasting and sometimes rather obnoxious personalities to "spice things up". That gets a bit annoying - they spend more time fighting than talking about what or how they're fixing the rooms.

One neat thing is that you tend to see 4 totally different approaches in each of the 4 units. I do wonder about the judges, though. I think they have a bit of recency bias - that they rate the first ones they see more harshly and then when they realize no one finished entirely they ease up on the later ones.

For master bedroom, I could understand the winner, I guess, but thought the loser they picked was the definite #2.
For master bath, again, I could understand the winner (Malibu style again), but thought the loser they picked should have been #3 - the one that lost was clean and simple and the judges didn't like that. Yet another bath was not only barely started, the end design was dark, dismal, and cramped. Who knows.

All that aside, I'm very curious to see what's next!

Coming soon: September Happenings

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