Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Quick bits

Times are exciting - the new job is ramping up, ROC City Roller Derby volunteering is also ramping up, other projects and mental buckets are filling in nicely. J is deep in thesis work. Danny and Sonny both have stuff brewing that's quite cool, but I don't know if I'm authorized to share yet. Sooner or later, you'll hear about it.

The weeks that I make lots of good food are better. Recent successful experiments include Ginger Spelt cookies, Deep dish greens w/ amaranth/ millet crust, Chicken "sausage" burgers w/ stuffing type flavorings.....

Winter, though, has got to go. I hate being cold. My hair tangling into rats' nests from scarves and high collars and hats. My pants soggy from snow. Getting stuck in the drive, you know, all that winter nonsense.

I've been listening to some audio books on the long commute. I wonder about some of these narrators. They're considered "talent". Man, the fake women's voices the one guy did were just so BAD!

Book #3:The Ghost in Love by Jonathan Carroll. Shortly into this I wondered where it could possibly go? Everything in the description & on the audiobook package was covered in the first two chapters. Not much else to do. And then Carroll took a left turn and led me on a trip into some really interesting spaces related to how much control we truly have over our own destiny and what other aspects of life can be affected when we take the reins. Not bad.

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ljc said...

I highly recommend warm high boots for winter. I hate HATE getting my trouser bottoms wet - so I carry my regular to shoes to work and wear high boots. Problem solved.