Friday, August 13, 2010

What I like about my body

This morning, the scale and I had a falling out. It seems to have forgotten which direction it's supposed to go in. That's why I was glad to take a minute or two to record this bit on what I like about me. My instinct is to apologize for the waist shots, but that is a bit counter to the "happy w/ who I am" message we're trying to send, right?

And I'm progressing toward Supersonic Angel in ways the scale refuses to see.

PS - Here's that pic of me and the boys...


From Tracie said...

Great Video! I love that you went for it and showed your waist! That is awesome.

Your hair is beautiful, and I think your nose is cool, even cooler that you share it with family. That is a nice thing.

You are beautiful!!

ljc said...

Happy Birthday to your super hero self! Heading to Twitter next to say Happy Bday!