Monday, June 07, 2010

Ice cream sandwiches

A couple of years ago, Jenny got me some ice cream sandwich molds from Williams Sonoma. Yesterday, I used them for the first time.

Step 1 - Super fudgy but thin brownies for the outsides, cut into shapes.

Step 2 - Assemble - I started assembling by hand - the results were authentic, but not quite perfect.

Step 3 - Then J pointed out that the molds are supposed to be used to assemble, too. I tried and, voila - the cows ended up quite professional looking.

Note: I inserted a strawberry in the middle of each - a nice surprise I thought. Hmmm. They freeze REALLY hard - caution when eating! Now I know.

Now I have a bunch of small treats in the freezer - awesome way to start the summer.


Shruti Goradia said...

Will have to swing by your place for a try - they look great!

ljc said...

Love it, love it... la la la la la la laaaaaa! I'm so happy they worked!