Monday, April 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Daniel-san!

Happy birthday to Danny - our silent partner...

Here's the new do. I think I like it. It's different actually fussing with the hair in the am, but I think I like the change and I'm looking forward to playing with wedding do's!

2 movies - finished 2 books but will blog on them in the next post...
Ultraviolet - Pretty darn cool. Milla kicks butt - I love the color changing hair and the boots are very kick-butt chick cool. May have to find me some.... For when I get back into shape, you know.
V for Vendetta - really liked this and most of its points, although Jenny, Aaron, J and I all pretty much agreed that the blowing up of symbols was a bit rough. What it symbolized was currently bad, but what about what it stood for in the past? It just kinda' hit too close to home, though it really was supposed to.

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