Monday, February 06, 2006

Tissue issue

Molasses is a carrier. Toys that he enjoys are picked up and toted around and ultimately in end up in one of his "special places", various caches around the house (I know of 3 right now). That's all well and good and pretty smart and cute. But now he has discovered toilet paper.

This was waiting for us in the kitchen when we got home from Kenn and Jenn's Super Bowl party. Not only had he found a random roll to shred, one of these was actually on the holder - we found that disassembled in the living and dining rooms.

Poses a bit of a dilemna - here's a product you really need close at hand, but which you have to keep hidden or else it gets stolen and shredded.


Anonymous said...

How do you know that it wasn't Murphy trying to get Molasses in trouble?

Aprille said...

Possible, I suppose, but it's Molasses we've caught walking around with a roll hanging from his mouth and Molasses I caught sitting on the toilet to play with the roll on the holder.