Thursday, July 27, 2006

So Ya think you Can Post???

OK......Well I was voted "KIng of the Cheese"
Yup that's right folks, old Danny boy has learned to blog.

My subject matter will mainly be the birth and progress of my latest
musical endeavor: "The Timm and Dan Show". Theophilus has
dissolved and it is time to start a new. So we start with the typical
questions: 1. What do we want to play? 2. Who else will join the show
and 3. Na forget it. Two is enough for now. Timm and I have been
searching the local music scene and are responding to a few ads
posted for available musicians in the area. No bites yet but the search has
only begun. Stay tuned for more insight and continued developments
of the "Timm and Dan Show"!!!

1 comment:

Aprille said...

Yeah! I'll take the Theophilus link off later today. Welcome to the blogosphere, mon frere!